Syamaprasad College
92, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rd,
Jatin Das Park, Patuapara,
Kolkata, West Bengal
Welcome to SYAMAPRASAD COLLEGE Admission : 2022-23

All Seat Reported/Booked Applicants against notification: No: 20220903/SPC/SB/RECALL, dated 03.09.2022

Date: 07/09/2022 This is to notify all concerned that a complete list of Applicants who booked/reported seats against the notification bearing the number, Ref No: 20220903/SPC/SB/RECALL, dated 03.09.2022 for all stream/subjects is attached with the notification. Depending on the available seats Provisional Admission Lists will be published against the list of Reported/Booked Seats. Check the Pdf for the list. Note: It is very important to note that Seat Booking/Reporting does not guarantee admission to UG Courses offered by the College. Provisional Admission Lists will be published depending on the available seats preserving the Seat reservation guidelines issued by the competent authority. By Order
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